Three more wonderful blurbs for my novel, DON’T STAND SO CLOSE.

“Eric Red digs deep into his seemingly endlessly macabre bag of tricks to turn the tables on Nabokov, and stops at nothing to entertain. Creating a pace, a flow and mood that only a true master of his craft can. A genuine look at the troubles of teenage angst in the company of alluring deviants. It’s a heavy dish of blood, lust, death and debacle, yet it will only leave you craving more.”—James B. Carter, author of “The Dying Season” and 2014′s The Last Blue Sky

“Don’t Stand So Close by Eric Red is a prime example of art imitating real life. I mean that in a good way. Red brings true horror to the reader in a classic tale of teenage hormones gone awry. Be careful not to ‘stand so close’ to this one, as you might end up drenched in all sorts of gooey bodily fluids. Then again, isn’t that part of the fun? I think so. Highly Recommended!” —Ty Schwamberger, author of The Fields, Dinin’ & The Killing Club

“Eric Red’s debut novel, DON’T STAND SO CLOSE, is an intoxicating tale of seduction, anxiety and courage, nudging the reader to explore their own emotional vulnerability and consider the complexities of the human psyche, no doubt leaving many thinking to themselves Thank God it wasn’t me!”

–- Terry Erwin “Horns,”  Author of CHOPHOUSE and STATIONHOUSE NO. 1.

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