First 100 FEET production still!

├é┬áMarnie (Famke Janssen) in Eric Red’s 100 FEET.

Click pic for bigger version

3 Responses to “First 100 FEET production still!”

  1. kingy famkefan Says:

    ooo nice still
    looks like she gets beaten up quite alot in this movie
    and there is the ankle bracelet there too
    keep them still commin!

  2. Ashley Talbot-Wims FAMKES FAN Says:

    hey famke i cant wait 2 c it!! uve inspired me 2 start acting i was in a movie my school made and got lots of comments i hope i become like u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jasmine Butler Says:

    Hey Famke Love Your Acting
    Keep Up the Good Work!
    Luv The Part You Played In Hide & Seek
    I Would’ve Shot The Guy Too =]