“WHITE KNUCKLE is a rip-roaring, knuckle-biting, constantly suspenseful adventure and riveting mystery thriller. A Don’t Miss.” – Mallory Heart Reviews.

“Rip-roaring, knuckle-biting, constantly suspenseful adventure in this riveting mystery thriller by the author of IT WAITS BELOW, WHITE KNUCKLE pits a probationary FBI Special Agent with a sad background and finely tuned intuition against a human monster–a long hauler trucker who began killing and torturing animals at age six and who has slaughtered women and girls in interstate rampages for four decades. Rife with high-octane tension, WHITE KNUCKLE also delivers extended characterization and well toned backstory. It’s a Don t miss, but don’t read while traveling the highways, or sleeping alone.”

- Mallory Heart Reviews (Five star review).

WHITE KNUCKLE will be out June 2nd in trade paperback and digital editions from Samhain Publishing, and is now available for pre order on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1EvCjSN

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