Pare speaks! About his role in 100 Feet!

Michael Pare as Mike Watson

Michael Pare: I was at the AFM promoting another film and ran into Eric Red. We hugged and he said he was making another movie and before he could say anything else I asked if I could be in it. He said he actually wrote a character with me in mind. It was a ghost story with an offer out to Famke and he wanted me to play the ghost. Of course I said yes absolutely, Bad Moon was such a wonderful experience I couldn’t wait to read the script and get to work.

My character Mike Watson is married to Marnie (Janssen) right out of the police academy. Like 99% of the people that become cops I wanted to be like my heroes fighting for right, saving the under dog and locking up bad guys. Then life’s dark realities started to become more apparent and I became jaded. Marnie knew me better than anyone, and saw me turning and giving into first anger then depression then to temptation and finally self loathing. That is when the abuse started. When I looked at my wife I saw reflected in her eyes who I had become “A BAD GUY” I hated myself and was aware that Marnie knew what I become; a vile creature. She was still good and pure and I couldn’t stand her.

When I passed over thanks to that self righteous bitch I found myself in this cold empty void that made me feel like I was washing down an endless dirty toilet bowl full of the foulest waste from the lowest beast. The only thing that keeps me from drowning is my hate for Marnie and my hunger to exact some revenge by torturing that bitch. If she had only waited a little longer I could have taken an early retirement. But that barren waste land of a women just kept looking at me with those eyes that said you are not the man I fell in love with you are not a good guy, you’re just a piece of shit crooked cop that is worse then the lowest crack smoking rapist mugger piece of shit because at least they don’t deny who they are. Well fuck her let’s see how she likes it where I am.

That is kind of where my character comes from and that came out from time spent with Eric just talking about what his story needed. Working this way is really my favorite I hope it serves the story well and entertains the audience.

3 Responses to “Pare speaks! About his role in 100 Feet!”

  1. Jay Says:

    Sheesh Michael, you sound like you’re still in character…

    I can’t wait to see this film after all I’ve read about it and after that last blog, you have nailed this character. More awards? I predict…yes!

  2. Bernard Says:

    O.K. Now I’m a believer in the vindictive evil coming from the ghost. Could we also call it a poltergeist?

  3. Laura King Says:

    Michael, you are so great! I love youuuuu!!!!