Post Production!

(Right) Writer/Director Eric Red (Left) Editor Anthony Redman.

ERIC RED: We are working in a facility in Hollywood, California and are about a month into the editing of the picture.  I’m enjoying working again with veteran editor Anthony Redman, who did a great job for me on “BODY PARTS.”  The picture is scary and frightening and really shaping up. 

At the moment the running time is about 105 tense minutes.  I’ve cut a few scenes from the script that were shot because the editing is the final rewriting.  The picture has a slow and deliberate build, then its balls to the wall. Our sound editor is Stephen Hunter Flick, who did the sound for the “THE HITCHER” and also did films like “DIE HARD,” “ROBOCOP” and “TOTAL RECALL.” Sound and frightening use of subliminal sound effects will play a big part in the fear factor of this film.The film will be completed in January 2008.  The foreign sales company is Voltage Pictures and territories all over Europe have already been sold. 

In terms of domestic distribution the film is presently in post and only once its completed will the “100 FEET” team begin exploring the varied domestic distribution deals that are on the table.  The exact release date in 2008 will be determined at that point.

I’m happy to report “100 FEET” has one of the scariest scenes in any of my films.  The audiences I’ve screened it for have talked at the screen and literally jumped out of their seats.  What is satisfying for me is that there is no blood in this sequence at all!  

In the coming weeks, look for more stills and some select scenes from the film to be released on The Arrow at

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  1. kingy Says:

    it has been forever since the last update
    hope the film gets a wide release! cant wait to see a trailer

  2. creejay Says:

    glad to see another update finally. can’t wait to see stills or scenes!!!!!