My new western novel NOOSE from Pinnacle Books is available for pre-order in Mass Market Paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon.

“Introducing a bold new Western series from Eric Red, the acclaimed author and writer of such blockbuster films as The Hitcher, Near Dark, and Blue Steel.

MEET JOE NOOSE. A GOOD BOUNTY HUNTER WITH A BAD ATTITUDE.  In the cutthroat world of bounty hunters, Joe Noose is as honest as they come. Which isn’t saying much. Just look at his less-than-honest colleagues. They framed Joe for a murder they committed. They made sure Joe’s face wound up on a wanted poster. Now they’re gonna hunt Joe down and collect the reward money. There’s just one problem: Joe Noose thinks it’s his bounty. It’s his reward. And it’s their funeral . . . “
NOOSE is available for pre-order at:

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