“A fresh, new look into Westerns as we have known them.” – NetGalley

“The Wild West and a bad-ass Bounty Hunter cowboy….a winning combination! When said Wild West is a Weird Wild West it’s even better!!! This book was a fresh, new look into Westerns as we have known them. IMO, today’s westerns have become very stale, and pretty much the same across the board. It was so very refreshing to read a story that brings a brand new perspective to this genre. I absolutely LOVED Joe Noose. He was bad-ass (I’ve already said that didn’t I?). He was IMO snarky and to the point. The way he turns the tables on those who tried to wrong him was a fascinating and exciting ride. I hope there are more books to come with this MC! Anyone who has become bored with the Western genre, give this one a try! You won’t be sorry.” – NetGalley

NOOSE is available for preorder in Mass Market Paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon at https://amzn.to/2GdAFwD

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