Excellent review in Scream Magazine for my new novel, HANGING FIRE.

“The name Eric Red is no doubt familiar to SCREAM readers given that he’s an accomplished screenwriter who penned acclaimed horror classics like The Hitcher and Near Dark. That said, he’s perhaps more prolific as a novelist these days, with works spanning several genres including crime, science fiction, fantasy, and – of course – horror. He’s also a very good storyteller regardless of whatever genre field he’s playing in at the time, and if you’re a fan of his movies you’ll likely enjoy his literature. And the best thing about literature is that the author’s imagination less restricted by compromise due to studios, collaborators and budgets.

Red is a writer who deserves to have his stories told on his own terms, and his latest is a treat. Following his previous novel Noose, Hanging Fire (which is an awesome title) is the second instalment of a western series chronicling the adventures of bounty hunter Joe Noose. In this one, our hero is tasked with reprimanding a notorious female outlaw that knows how to use a pistol. This mission is no easy task, however, given that the law aren’t the only ones who want her dead. Thus, Joe must protect his bounty from some deadly assassins if he hopes to bring her to the gallows alive. But the pursuing killers might be the least of his problems…

I’ve always held the belief that the Old West is the greatest setting to base stories in. The lawlessness, the adventure, and the mythos often inspire some fine storytelling. The Joe Noose saga is shaping up to be a highly entertaining pulp adventure series that will cater to the sweet spot of readers who have an affinity for an old-school western yarn.

Red’s version of the Old West is a familiar one in many ways. If you’ve read or watched any mission westerns

featuring outlaws and bounty hunters then you have a good idea of what to expect here. Still, that’s not a bad thing when stories are executed with this much aplomb. Hanging Fire’s world is populated with compelling characters, boasts danger at every turn, and contains an abundance actionpacked mayhem with a bloody punch that begins swiftly and never lets up throughout the story.

Additionally, Red’s writing style is breezy, fun, hard as nails and punctuated with lively dialogue, making for a leisurely read and an addictive page turner. You really can’t ask for more from a book of this ilk, and those readers who find themselves constantly searching for new badass heroes will find a new one in Joe Noose should they decide to give Hanging Fire a chance.

Rating: four out five skulls.”

- Kieran Fisher, Scream Magazine.

HANGING FIRE is available from Kensington Books in Mass Market Paperback and Kindle Editions on Amazon at: https://amzn.to/2G0d2Lx

NOOSE, the first novel in the Joe Noose book series, is available in Mass Market Paperback, Large Print and Kindle editions on Amazon at: https://amzn.to/2MIVTWZ

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