Book cover unveiled for BRANDED, the third novel in my Joe Noose Western book series from Kensington Books.

Coming to bookstores February 2021.

From the publisher’s description: “SCARRED FOR LIFE. Joe Noose hunts down the first known serial killer on the American frontier in this trailblazing thriller. A new kind of evil has come to the Old West. A killer as cold and hard as the Wyoming winter. He wanders from town to town. Slaughters entire families along the way. With grotesque glee, he brands the letter Q in his victims’ flesh. Joe Noose knows the killer’s identity. He recognizes the killer’s brand. He bears the same scar from his childhood—and he’s determined to stop this madman once and for all. Two U.S. Marshals have agreed to help Joe. But they’ve never hunted a killer like this before. A sadist who kills for pleasure—and scars you for life…”

Thanks to my editor Gary Goldstein and the great team at Kensington Books and Pinnacle Books.

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