Excellent German book review of the new German translation edition of my serial killer road thriller novel WHITE KNUCKLE from the Berlin publisher Savage Types.

“On the highways, a serial killer has been killing his female victims unmolested for decades, leaving a trail of blood and tears. Known under the CB nickname “WHITE KNUCKLE”, the trucker, who kills with perverse lust, cruelly killed hundreds of women and buried their bodies all over the country. But now the young FBI agent Sharon Ormsby is on his heels to stop him. Undercover, at the side of an experienced trucker, chases the killer in his eighteen-wheeled monster.

That means one thing above all: a tough showdown on the highway!

The author Eric Red should / should be known to a number of film fans. His screenplays include several classic action genres. Who doesn’t know “Hitcher, the highway killer”? Now, the small but extremely fine publisher Savage Types, based in Berlin, has cut the ignorant of publishers for mass digestion and brought this incredible cracker to Germany. This fast-paced thriller is just beginning in the mild wind of familiar fabrics from the country that likes to indulge in selfishness and is currently trying to let epidemics or viruses do their job of destroying the world. Resisters who develop a serum are bought up, if they can. Fortunately, you don’t need serum for serial killers, just a few pieces of hot lead and a lot of courage. FBI agent Sharon Ormsby has this to offer when she is targeted at the unknown murderer, who soon turns out to be a mass murderer in the course of the investigation (that much can be revealed). She quickly realizes that a trucker must be the culprit. A track that follows it is wrong. The guy is on the road and rages worse and worse. He is a brutal, bloodthirsty sadist who torments and guts his victims and does worse things, which you can get pictured at the end. In general, the language, the style of the author can set the reader’s head cinema in motion and soon, like in convoy, he sprints across the state’s overland routes and remembers a nasty grinning Rutger Hauer in every car or family carriage, who already made his victims has its sights on. Increases reading pleasure even more. It is also very good that this torture, which is emotional for the protagonists, is described explicitly and close to life and only leaves space for a few small jokes. And because such a normal serial killer hunt no longer really works on its own, Eric Red has decided in some side lines, some quite important, unlike in the giant shelf mainstream, for customers who don’t know what they want, but only want what they know – the crap from the advertising time sprinkling – to close secretly quietly and differently than expected. Small WOW effects and its finale in the whole story add another one. Ultra-extreme (at least for the free market with its Censorship regulations that tell adult people in a kind of advanced self-castration (FSK) what they have to read or look at), hard, bloody and sometimes freaky as well as exciting, nerve-wracking White Knuckle Ride from a story in which the book is so firmly before suspense includes that you can watch your own ankles as they gradually change their natural skin color to white. Is there an unspeakable horror? Quien sabe? THAT must be thriller entertainment. Thank you, Savage Types publisher.”

Read the full review in German at: https://bit.ly/2A7bkWZ

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