100 Feet finds its lady!

Famke IS Marnie!

ERIC RED (BODY PARTS, COHEN AND TATE) has been gearing up for his next genre vice-grip, the supernatural thriller 100 FEET. The script is a character driven piece, and the proper casting in terms of the female lead was crucial. Well Mr. Red and his production team over at Grand Illusions just locked their lead dame, and I’m elated to report that its a bang-on choice. Mr. Red you got the floor!

ERIC RED SAYS:We’ve been fortunate to cast Famke Janssen (“X-MEN,” “GOLDENEYE”) in the role of Marnie. Famke is a beautiful actress of great presence and intelligence, completely dedicated to the realism of character and performance. With Famke’s timeless beauty, she will bring glamour and star power to the role of Marnie, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in the classic “WAIT UNTIL DARK.” I’m certain the audience will adore watching her. I’m incredibly excited. Nobody could play the part better!”


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