“If this isn’t exactly the way the Old West was, it should have been.” – John Farris, author of The Fury and Son of the Endless Night.

“Meet Joe Noose.  A good bounty hunter with a bad attitude.  In the cutthroat world of bounty hunters, Joe Noose is as honest as they come. Which isn’t saying much. Just look at his less-than-honest colleagues. They framed Joe for a murder they committed. They made sure Joe’s face wound up on a wanted poster. Now they’re gonna hunt Joe down and collect the reward money. There’s just one problem: Joe Noose thinks it’s his bounty. It’s his reward. And it’s their funeral.”

“Exceptionally fast-paced and blood-spattered. Full of action, overflowing with defiant characters and deadly gunplay.” – Ray Walsh, Lansing State Journal.

NOOSE, the first novel in the Joe Noose Western book series, is available in from Kensington Publishing Corp. in Mass Market Paperback, Large Print and Kindle editions on Amazon at: https://amzn.to/2MIVTWZ

“Joe Noose is back.  The Devil Is A Woman.  In all his days as a bounty hunter, Joe Noose never met an outlaw like Bonny Kate Valence. The notorious female gunslinger has the kind of beauty that drives men wild—and a criminal record longer than the Snake River. She also has a date with the gallows. But before anyone can put a rope around that pretty neck, Joe Noose has to bring her in alive. On the way, he’ll have to protect his prisoner from a vile ex-lover and a vengeance-seeking posse. Which puts Noose’s neck on the line, too. Especially when this female of the species is deadlier than the male…”

“This is an edge-of-your-seat novel with plenty of action from start to finish. You wonder how Noose will escape each trial he is faced. It’s well-written, with great characterization throughout. This book is a Western lover’s dream read…A writer of several blockbuster films, Eric Red is a welcome addition to the Western genre.” - Historical Novels Review.

“Red is a writer who deserves to have his stories told on his own terms, and his latest is a treat…Hanging Fire’s world is populated with compelling characters, boasts danger at every turn, and contains an abundance action-packed mayhem with a bloody punch that begins swiftly and never lets up throughout the story. Additionally, Red’s writing style is breezy, fun, hard as nails and punctuated with lively dialogue, making for a leisurely read and an addictive page turner. You really can’t ask for more from a book of this ilk, and those readers who find themselves constantly searching for new badass heroes will find a new one in Joe Noose should they decide to give Hanging Fire a chance.” - Scream Magazine.

HANGING FIRE is available from Kensington Books in Mass Market Paperback and Kindle Editions on Amazon at: https://amzn.to/2G0d2Lx

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