My latest novel HANGING FIRE now out in a brand new large print edition from Gale and Wheeler Publishing.

Publisher’s description:

“The Devil Is a Woman…In all his days as a bounty hunter, Joe Noose never met an outlaw like Bonny Kate Valence. The notorious female gunslinger has the kind of beauty that drives men wild—and a criminal record longer than the Snake River. She also has a date with the gallows. But before anyone can put a rope around that pretty neck, Joe Noose has to bring her in alive. On the way, he’ll have to protect his prisoner from a vile ex-lover and a vengeance-seeking posse. Which puts Noose’s neck on the line, too. Especially when this female of the species is deadlier than the male…”

What the reviewers are saying:

“This teeth-grinding, bare-knuckling, swash-buckling adventure keeps readers turning pages. A terrific read…the story of one man who knows right from wrong, a man of his word – a rather refreshing notion today. Allow plenty of time to read this. It’s hard to put down.” - Roundup Magazine

“This is an edge-of-your-seat novel with plenty of action from start to finish. You wonder how Noose will escape each trial he is faced. It’s well-written, with great characterization throughout. This book is a Western lover’s dream read…A writer of several blockbuster films, Eric Red is a welcome addition to the Western genre.” - Historical Novels Review

“Red is a writer who deserves to have his stories told on his own terms, and his latest is a treat…Hanging Fire‘s world is populated with compelling characters, boasts danger at every turn, and contains an abundance action-packed mayhem with a bloody punch that begins swiftly and never lets up throughout the story. Additionally, Red’s writing style is breezy, fun, hard as nails and punctuated with lively dialogue, making for a leisurely read and an addictive page turner. You really can’t ask for more from a book of this ilk, and those readers who find themselves constantly searching for new badass heroes will find a new one in Joe Noose should they decide to give Hanging Fire a chance.” - SCREAM Magazine

“If this isn’t exactly the way the Old West was, it should have been.” - John Farris, author of The Fury and Son of the Endless Night

HANGING FIRE is also available from Kensington Books in Mass Market Paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon at:

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